Installing A New Gas Pool Heater

Installing A New Gas Pool Heater

When you’re adding a new gas appliance, such as a swimming pool heater, to your existing gas system, the first consideration to pay attention to is the gas capacity of your gas meter and piping. A gas pool heater may require 250-450 cubic feet per hour of gas supply. Usually you will need to have your local gas provider install a larger gas meter and have the gas piping increased to a larger size to accommodate the increased gas demand.

A licensed gas pipe fitter, can design, size, file a permit, and install your new gas pipe system to meet the proper requirement for safe installation and use.

new gas line to gas pool heater

New gas line to gas pool heater with air test ready for air test inspection, as is required by the city of Springfield, MO.

threading gas pipe for new pool heater

Threading gas pipe for new pool heater.

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