Leaks Are Not Just An Annoyance

Leaks Are Not Just An Annoyance

Water Leaks = Property Damage

The #1 problem we see in plumbing repair is a water leak that causes flooding or a loss of water pressure. A severe water leak can cause flooding and must be dealt with immediately, due to the great potential for property damage that may result.  In the event of a severe leak, your first goal is to find the shut-off valve to stop the water from spreading and causing further damage.  Only then should you call a plumber.

In some houses, the shut-off valve can be found in the mechanical room; for others, it may be located at the water meter by the street curb.  Older houses may not even have a shut-off valve — in this case, call a plumber, or your utility company, immediately! Accro Plumbing offers emergency services 24/7 and we are only a phone call away, at (417) 839-1417.

Water leaks can result from many things: old, degraded pipe materials, cracked or broken pipes (perhaps as the result of freezing weather), improper installation, loose or poorly-fitted connections, and so on. Unfortunately, not all leaks are immediately noticeable, and may only come to light when you start experiencing a loss of water pressure.

Depending on the source of the leak, it may be many hours or even days before the water pressure gets low enough that you notice a difference and think to call a plumber. And because water pipes are most often under your house or even underground, the result of the leak could be a lot of standing water or soaked ground, which in turn can lead to mold problems, weakened wood framing, even foundation cracks.

Flooded basements are another problem we see, more often than you might think, especially in Missouri where spring storms can bring many inches of rain in a short amount of time. If this is a reoccuring issue for your home, then having a sump pump installed is the best way to move that water out.  Concerned about the noise? We can install a “silent check valve” to alleviate that issue.

Another cause of standing water can be poorly-planned storm drainage around the home. Many times, we see the use of perforated pipes far too close to the house, when solid pipes are clearly needed.  You want to get that water as far away from your home as possible!  In emergency situations, we can even put storm drainage above-ground to stop flooding, but typically we will bury the pipes at least 12″ underground to avoid damage and/or freezing.

Gas Leaks = Danger!

Gas leaks pose an explosive threat to your home and the public, and must be dealt with as soon as possible. In the event of a leak, immediately contact your gas utility company so they may shut off the gas to you home. Unlike a dripping faucet, a gas leak is not something that can be put off.

In addition to the clear and present danger of a gas leak, even after the leak is repaired, it can still be a major ongoing headache. Why? Because once the utility company has shut down the gas supply to your home, they will not turn it back on until an official inspection has been done and the problem is declared as cleared. And who knows how long that may take?

With a Master Gasfitter on staff, Accro Plumbing is a trusted and licensed expert in gas pipe installation and repair. We can also take care of the official inspection while on-site, so you are back up and running as soon as possible. When your house is on the line, just pick up the phone and call or text us at (417) 839-1417.