Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Are you having problems with your water heater?

When we get a call from a customer with no hot water, we usually charge a minimum one hour charge plus a trip charge, plus the cost of parts to complete the water heater repair. We limit our water heater repairs to changing out the thermo coupling, relighting pilot lights, inspecting vent piping and checking for proper combustion air volume.

Checking a thermo coupling on a water heater for proper function, then replacing the thermo coupling is a simple repair and typically only requires a one hour minimum service charge along with a trip charge and parts.

A water heater that is over its tank life warranty period that requires a gas control valve replacement is an expensive repair, and we usually recommend replacing the water heater. At this point we usually will give the customer a contract price to replace the existing water heater, and wave the service call and trip charge.

New Bradford White Water Heater Install

Bradford White Water Heater Install

When installing a water heater regardless if it is an electrical, natural gas, or liquid propane water heater we will usually install a Bradford White water heater and install a new smitty pan under it, if space accommodates insulation, we then run a line into the crawl space or the nearest floor drain available. We install new stainless steel water flexes, and make all gas and exhaust vent connections. We clean up after ourselves and haul away the old water heater so it’s not left for the homeowner to find a way of getting rid.

When we supply and install a new water heater, the parts and labor is guaranteed for 1-year, and the Bradford White water heater typically has a 6-year warranty against tank leakage. I choose to use Bradford White water heaters because of their performance, and excellent customer service, it’s the water heater I have in my own house.

When it comes to electric water heaters, the biggest factor is the age of the water heater.  Missouri has very hard water, even though we can replace all the elements and thermostat on an electric water heater, we cannot get rid of the limestone and calcium built up in the water heater.  Lime and calcium built up in the electric water heater insulates the lower heating element, keeping it from transforming heat and taking up space turning your 40 gallons of water into 30 gallons. This is usually the determining factor of whether it’s time to repair or replace.

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