Why Is My Drain Clogged?

Why Is My Drain Clogged?

Are you in that bad situation where you are asking yourself, why is my drain clogged?  No one likes to deal with clogged drains, so here is some information that might help you solve the issue or you can turn to a professional who can help.

Toilet Clog

There are many reasons why your toilet may become clogged.

  1. An object such as small toys dropped into a toilet and then flushed.
  2. Too much toilet paper or improper paper products flushed down the toilet.

These types of clogs can usually be unclogged by using a toilet auger, which is a 3-6 foot, long handled tool that is inserted into the toilet and can remove the stuck object that is causing your toilet to back up, overflow, or flush slowly.

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains will typically get clogged by grease and food particles from washing dishes, or draining grease into your sink while cooking. This type of clog usually requires a drain cleaning machine with a 75 foot cable.

Reoccurring clogged kitchen drains can be caused by a sagging drain pipe which traps grease under the house. This would require replacing the sagging section of piping with new piping and proper fall to provide proper downward flow.

What Happens When Drain Cleaning Doesn’t Work?

There are situations when drain cleaning will not solve your clogged drain pipe.

  1. The main drain pipes can be damaged due to tree roots, or breakage.
  2. The main drain pipe may not have a pitch (flat) to it, allowing the waste to flow downhill to the sewer, or septic.

These type of drain problems are not able to be repaired and will require excavation and replacement of the drain pipe, located outside the foundation of the home.

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